Your Wellness Vision

We interrupt this long drawn-out program on the Four Missing Essential Nutrients to give a little yelp of pleasure and excitement. Tonight, my colleague and co-host, Scott, and I are conducting a Creating Your Wellness Vision Telecoaching call. This is a free thing we are doing as a bonus for our RESET Your Life Telesminar…… Continue reading Your Wellness Vision

Mom and Apple Pie (and Brussels Sprouts)

Today is the anniversary of the day my mom decided it was time to push back from the smorgasbord of life after 41 years and walk away from the table. After only a 10-month battle with cancer, she paid the tab and moved on. Wow. It’s hard to believe that was 27 years ago. I…… Continue reading Mom and Apple Pie (and Brussels Sprouts)

Where’s the love in the food?

Here I am back at the keyboard with so much in my head I can’t get it out fast enough. I’ve been doing some thinking about how to get more nutrition out of the food available to most of us. And I have [lots of] questions I’d love to get your feedback on. When we…… Continue reading Where’s the love in the food?

What is “normal” health?

Here’s some food for thought: I think it’s a shame that what is considered “normal health” in this country involves people over the age of 40 starting to take high blood pressure meds, statin drugs for high cholesterol, blood-sugar-lowering meds (metformin and glucophage), beta blockers, and steroids for joint pain. It’s ridiculous and totally unnecessary.…… Continue reading What is “normal” health?

Welcome to the Food for Thought blog!

Welcome to my blog! Check out my profile and/or website to see who I am and what I do, and let’s talk about how using the stuff that really feeds us does make us healthier. Getting healthy is not just about eating right and getting regular exercise. There’s so much more that you can do.…… Continue reading Welcome to the Food for Thought blog!