Enter a Book, Emerge a Nourished Traveler

Colder weather is a-comin’ to the northeast. So what can we do to keep our bodies and minds strong during the upcoming hibernation time? Here’s a little blurb from my upcoming book, Vitamin Soup, A Recipe for Soulful Nourishment from A to Z. Today’s topic is Vitamin B: Books “Reading is an excellent tool for…… Continue reading Enter a Book, Emerge a Nourished Traveler

Vitamin L: “All you need is love.”

Love is incredibly nourishing. You know when you’re in love and you’re so high on the feelings you forget to eat, and you can’t concentrate or think of anything but that new special someone? That feeling of giddiness, happiness, and overflowing YUMMMMMMM is what you get when you have an abundance of Vitamin L. The…… Continue reading Vitamin L: “All you need is love.”

Nourishment: Think Out of the Bottle

The next few blog posts will be about several essential vitamins that are missing from a lot of people’s lives, but they’re not dietary supplements. You cannot buy these at a grocery store, a pharmacy, or from your health practitioner. Unfortunately, there is probably from whom you could buy these vitamins. Fortunately, you can do…… Continue reading Nourishment: Think Out of the Bottle

Good Things Come in Sevens

I’ve been thinking. A lot. And I think it’s time for me to start blogging about all these thoughts I’ve been having! Stay tuned and come back often. I’ll probably be doing more blogging and sending my enewsletter subscribers the link to my blog so I can have more of a dialog, because that is…… Continue reading Good Things Come in Sevens

Where’s the love in the food?

Here I am back at the keyboard with so much in my head I can’t get it out fast enough. I’ve been doing some thinking about how to get more nutrition out of the food available to most of us. And I have [lots of] questions I’d love to get your feedback on. When we…… Continue reading Where’s the love in the food?