A Trickle of Liquid Vitamins

Today’s post is another little drip from Vitamin Soup, and it is dedicated to my friend, Karen, who is crystal clear about what this vitamin means to her. But before we jump into that, I want to run something by you. I submitted the Vitamin Soup manuscript to the publisher last night, so be on…… Continue reading A Trickle of Liquid Vitamins

Enter a Book, Emerge a Nourished Traveler

Colder weather is a-comin’ to the northeast. So what can we do to keep our bodies and minds strong during the upcoming hibernation time? Here’s a little blurb from my upcoming book, Vitamin Soup, A Recipe for Soulful Nourishment from A to Z. Today’s topic is Vitamin B: Books “Reading is an excellent tool for…… Continue reading Enter a Book, Emerge a Nourished Traveler

Your Wellness Vision

We interrupt this long drawn-out program on the Four Missing Essential Nutrients to give a little yelp of pleasure and excitement. Tonight, my colleague and co-host, Scott, and I are conducting a Creating Your Wellness Vision Telecoaching call. This is a free thing we are doing as a bonus for our RESET Your Life Telesminar…… Continue reading Your Wellness Vision

Vitamin O: “All I Need Is the Air that I Breathe”

We began our discussion of essential nutrients that are necessary for optimal health but that are not necessarily in everyone’s daily diet. Vitamin L, for Love, is the first of four. Vitamin O is the second one. This means we rarely get enough oxygen. Now, for some of you who read this blog, you are…… Continue reading Vitamin O: “All I Need Is the Air that I Breathe”

Vitamin L: “All you need is love.”

Love is incredibly nourishing. You know when you’re in love and you’re so high on the feelings you forget to eat, and you can’t concentrate or think of anything but that new special someone? That feeling of giddiness, happiness, and overflowing YUMMMMMMM is what you get when you have an abundance of Vitamin L. The…… Continue reading Vitamin L: “All you need is love.”