Enter a Book, Emerge a Nourished Traveler

Colder weather is a-comin’ to the northeast. So what can we do to keep our bodies and minds strong during the upcoming hibernation time? Here’s a little blurb from my upcoming book, Vitamin Soup, A Recipe for Soulful Nourishment from A to Z.

Today’s topic is Vitamin B: Books

“Reading is an excellent tool for improving vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and intellect. Reading keeps your brain active and can give you a temporary break from stress.

A good book can transport you to a mental vacation spot. Another can tell you about the real vacation spot. And yet a third can teach you the language or a skill to use when you visit that place.”

Ok, everybody. Where would you go? Anyone who’s known me longer than 15 minutes would probably guess I would transport myself to St. John, USVI. I also love books that are fictionalized history, so I learn something about ancient England or the spiritual development in India, but the stories are stretched a bit.

There’s another point about Vitamin B, Books, that is important to make. Really wise people read a LOT of books. If you want to be successful in business, in relationships, making more money, being more marketable, knowing something about why things are the way the are in the world, chances are there are lots of books you can choose from which to expand your education.

What’s on your nightstand? What are you reading?


5 thoughts on “Enter a Book, Emerge a Nourished Traveler

  1. Two books that are currently residing beside my bedside are: ‘365 ways to Live Happy’ and ‘Living a Beautiful Life’….can’t wait to add a copy of ‘Vitamin Soup’ to my collection!!!

    1. Thank you, Colette. Keep watching the blog for updates on availability and ordering.
      Re your nightstand books, sounds like you have a theme going there! I’m sure Vitamin Soup will make a great addition to the collection.

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