Your Wellness Vision

We interrupt this long drawn-out program on the Four Missing Essential Nutrients to give a little yelp of pleasure and excitement. Tonight, my colleague and co-host, Scott, and I are conducting a Creating Your Wellness Vision Telecoaching call. This is a free thing we are doing as a bonus for our RESET Your Life Telesminar Series participants who have been hanging out with us for about six weeks now.

You see, if you don’t have a very clear vision (something you can see and work/play/choose your way into) for what you want out of life, then you’ll just walk or run or eat in circles. Believe me, I am very familiar with the circle thing. Until I made up my mind that I really wanted to focus on the nutrition coaching/teaching aspect of wellness, I was lost and spinning–for YEARS.

So, if you have not done a vision statement for yourself, grab a piece of paper and start writing or drawing what wellness would look like for you. What does health and harmony look like for you in every area of your life? If that is just too big a question to answer in a snap, then consider asking a coach to guide you through the process. We coaches love to help people visualize and recognize their potential.

If you and a few friends think this would be a fun way to spend an hour (and I guarantee you it will be fun and very, very powerful), please leave me a comment to that effect. I will schedule a Wellness Vision telecoaching event for you.


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